Website Designers:

You are a highly intrepid web designer, ideally with solid HTML skills as well as today’s newer technologies. Equally adept at design and technical aspects of web building, you have a passion for developing clear, intuitive navigation systems and clean attractive designs. Please provide some links showing your work.
If this sounds like something which would interest you, please submit your resume to:

Backend Programmer:

We seek individuals proficient in CGI/PERL, Java/Java Script, ASP, database (MS-SQL, Oracle,…) creation and management, eCommerce integration, third-party service integration, server-side issues. Able to make intuitive and logical programming specs and documentation.

If this sounds like you, please submit your resume to:


You are a gifted wordsmith, able to quickly create appealing naturally worded copy. Your work is inspired by a desire to SELL products and services, and you have been involved with many successful ad campaigns. Send your resume to:

Video Producer & Editor:

Ideal candidate has own Camera and is able to edit video and audio, and add effects using programs such as Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, add and mix sound and other related technologies. Proven abilities with or without camera will be considered. Extra points if you are also proficient with streaming media and other web applications.

Send your resume to: