Vancouver web development & programming company CHANNEL 88 provides a full range of marketing and multimedia services all designed to help you build your business, your brand and your community. At CHANNEL 88, we always aim to combine your needs with those of your audience in order to arrive at Win-Win Solutions.


Build Your Business




Marketing Strategy & Creative Direction:

The first step in developing your Marketing Strategy is a comprehensive review of your product, your unique selling position, the competition, your message, and your objectives. Concentrating on the 4Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion), we will help you to develop a cost-effective plan to build your business, and build your brand. Creative direction involves giving an overall flavor and theme to your image.


Social Media Management:

Is your company using the incredible power of social media to help build your business? If not, we can help you incorporate tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to better build your business.


Website Development & Programming:

When did your company last redesign its website? If it was more than three years ago, it is probably high time for an upgrade. Web design has changed a lot in recent years. What passed for a good looking site just a few short years ago, may look hopelessly outdated today. Your clients notice these things. We can help you freshen up the look and function of an outdated website as well as help build an entirely new one. We also offer customised programming to help make it more functional.


WordPress Content Management Systems:

WordPress web design & development will allow your company to utilize a powerful self–editing content management system, unlimited expansion options with plugins, very effective search engine optimization tools, and WordPress allows you to have any type of website designed and developed for you. CHANNEL 88 specializes in WordPress web design and development.


Mobile Websites:

Does your website function and appear correctly on the various mobile platforms? We can help your company create a mobile website that automatically sizes to the optimal format for any mobile OS, such as Android, Apple OS, Blackberry and others.


Custom Database Development:

We can research and develop custom marketing databases to help your company build its business and brand. We can even input data and manage mailings for you.


Search Engine Optimization SEO:

We can help structure your website and content so as to ensure better results with the popular search engines such as Google, Bing and others.


Video Production & Web Video:

We provide high quality video production services from planning, to shooting, editing & outputting to various formats. We can add video to your website. We can also webcast live events with high capacity streaming servers.


Logo Design & Corporate Identity:

Having an outdated logo or business card can make your company look out of touch. Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix. We specialize in making beautiful logos, business cards and letterhead.


Print Material:

Having good print material to support your message has always been very important. We have a top-notch team of designers who just love making beautiful collateral pieces to help you build your business and build your brand.

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